Facebook Beanpot Scores

* Scores are updated daily by Noon EST

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How To Participate:

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Create a Facebook post about your school that will receive likes and comments from your Friends. Each unqiue like will earn 1 point and each unique comment will earn 2 points for your school. First school to 10,000 points wins!

Make sure you include the correct tag for your school: #Babson, #BC, #BU, #Emerson, #Emmanuel, #Harvard, #MIT, #Northeastern, #Suffolk, #Tufts, #UMass

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[/tab] [tab title="Step 2: Score Your Post"] [spacer size="10"]

Score your PostIn order to earn points for the likes and comments you receive on your post, we need SplashScore to score your post. SplashScore is a free Facebook app that allows you win REWARDS from your favorite brands for simply being good at Facebook. SplashScore will calculate how many points you earned each night.

[/tab] [tab title="Step 3: Win Prizes"] [spacer size="10"] Everyday we will select a participant for an iTunes gift card and list them on the Prize Winners page. We are also going to give an iPhone 5 to the participant that scores the most points on a single post during the competition. To win the iPhone 5 you must be eligible for an upgrade or signup for a new contract. iPhone 5 [/tab] [/tabs]