Facebook Beanpot Scores

* Scores are updated daily by Noon EST

How To Participate:

Step 1: Create a Facebook PostStep 2: Score Your PostStep 3: Win Prizes

Create a Facebook post about your school that will receive likes and comments from your Friends. Each unqiue like will earn 1 point and each unique comment will earn 2 points for your school. First school to 10,000 points wins!

Make sure you include the correct tag for your school: #Babson, #BC, #BU, #Emerson, #Emmanuel, #Harvard, #MIT, #Northeastern, #Suffolk, #Tufts, #UMass

Score your PostIn order to earn points for the likes and comments you receive on your post, we need SplashScore to score your post. SplashScore is a free Facebook app that allows you win REWARDS from your favorite brands for simply being good at Facebook. SplashScore will calculate how many points you earned each night.

Everyday we will select a participant for an iTunes gift card and list them on the Prize Winners page. We are also going to give an iPhone 5 to the participant that scores the most points on a single post during the competition. To win the iPhone 5 you must be eligible for an upgrade or signup for a new contract. iPhone 5